Promoting the improvement of dairy quality and safety

in the interest of the dairy industry and the consumer

statutory projects

5. Remedial Action Programs

Remedial action programs with producers/processors and processors/distributors (PD's).

Project purpose:

  • To facilitate awareness of non-conforming results with processors/distributors/PD’s after each quarterly sample run as the first step of the remedial action program.
  • To interact with all processors whose results are in non-compliance with the relevant legal standards.
  • To follow-up with personal contacts to address non-conformities.
  • To offer technical assistance by means of DSA developed literature, guidelines and information brochures.
  • To conduct further sampling, where appropriate, to establish whether non-conformances in terms of legal standards are addressed.
  • To hand over unresolved matters to project goal 6 for further action with higher level government officials.

Due to its restricted shelf life, fresh milk (heat treated and raw) non-conforming products require prompt action by the parties involved.

Following the activities of project goal 1 and as a cost effective measure, this goal provides for procedures whereby information regarding non-conforming test results are communicated to the processors and distributors and where applicable, to retailers. In the event of non-conformances, such persons are contacted to address non-conforming issues as a priority. Telephonic calls and electronic mail are subsequently followed up with personal contacts. This DSA action also allows for technical information being made available to processors and distributors through the DSA industry guideline documentation.








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