Promoting the improvement of dairy quality and safety

in the interest of the dairy industry and the consumer

statutory projects

10. Development of Guideline Documentation

To develop supportive dairy technical guideline documentation (in conjunction with the organised industry) that serves as valuable tools for the development and production of dairy products that complies with legal standards.

To provide documentation that assists with the implementation of proactive and reactive measures in an attempt to limit substandard dairy products in the retail market.

To provide industry-specific documentation that is user-friendly and adds value during the presentation of DSA information and educational sessions and workshops.

It is important that in terms of remedial action plans, information be communicated to the relevant role- players in the dairy industry. This can be achieved through making available a variety of guideline documents in order to convey important technical information regarding food safety and quality.

Development of guideline documentation that assists with the implementation of food safety management systems on producers and processors level as well as the continual improvement of food safety (dairy) and quality in the retail. The aim of the project goal is to develop and make available hands-on documents that can be practically implemented as part of a food safety and quality program. To achieve the full potential of this project goal, the DSA considers it essential, where applicable, to consult with the respective role players such as MPO, SAMPRO and other stakeholders regarding documentation development in the best interest of the dairy industry and the consumer. 

The Codes of Practice which facilitates the food safety and quality improvement in terms of legal compliance forms the backbone for the food safety programs of DSA. The Codes of Practice addresses the requirements for a food safety program at milk production, milk collection at farm level to processing/manufacturing and final product distribution. The Code of Practice for Milk Producers (2012) and Code of Practice for the Secondary industry (2015) are currently widely used. To remain relevant and due change and amendment of legislation, the Code of Practice for the Secondary industry (2015) requires update in 2018. 

Planned activities and outputs

Project Goal Objective/Action Performance goal and date of completion 
Invitation to organised industry representatives to further participate in the DSA process of documentation development  February 2018 
Updating of the DSA Code of Practice for the Secondary industry (2015)  March to October 2018 
Finalising print and distribution  October 2018 








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