Promoting the improvement of dairy quality and safety

in the interest of the dairy industry and the consumer


Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries

Agricultural Product Standard Act, 1990, Act 119 of 1990

  Published   Industry Dispensations 

R260 of 27 March 2015

Relaxing of Certain Clauses in R260 Standards for Yoghurt Shake - Amendment of Existing Industry Dispensation 18 April 2018

Relaxation of letter size restriction for trademarks – 17 September 2015

Extension of implementation period for certain dairy products – 6 October 2015

Use of different colour in the class designation and adjustment of protein – 26 November 2015

Milkshake, Naming of fruits, Multipacks and Coconut Cream – 3 February 2016

Country of origin indication – 19 February 2016

Smoked cheese and lactose-free dairy products – 22 March 2016

Use of “fresh” on dairy products – 14 July 2016

Circular 1 of 2015 - Guidelines on pictorial depictions allowed on packaging of animal and processed products - Revised 23 Nov '16

Clarification of certain clauses in Regulation 260 to assist stakeholders with the interpretation

Butter, Modified Butter and Certain Cheeses – 23 January 2017 

Industry Dispensation_ A) Marking requirements on cheese wedges, B) Provision for Kefir Classes, C) Relaxation of existing regulation 31 Oct 2017

Circular 1 of 2016 - Interpretation of the Dairy and Imitation Dairy Regulations - Revised 9 Nov 2017

Extension of Medium Fat Butter Classes in Table 13 of R260

Dispensation - Addition of dairy products to mayonnaise 8 January 2018

Regulations regarding the classification, packing and marking of edible ices intended for sale in the Republic of South Africa

  Published   Industry Dispensations 

R.78 of 8 February 2013

Industry dispensation - 26 June 2013

Edible ices regulation – 21 January 2016

Amendment to industry dispensation _ Edible Ices - 15 Sept 2015                                                  

Restrictions on the use of certain GI Cheese Names in terms of the EU, SADC and EPA
  Published   Industry Dispensations 

Restrictions on the use of certain Cheese names - EU SADC EPA - 15 Nov '16

Compositional Standards for Imported Cheeses Protected in terms of the EU SADC Economic Partnership Agreement - 21 June 2017

GIs under the Merchandise Marks Act - 21 October '16


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