Promoting the improvement of dairy quality and safety

in the interest of the dairy industry and the consumer


Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries

Agricultural Product Standard Act, 1990, Act 119 of 1990

  Published   Industry Dispensations 

R260 of 27 March 2015

Relaxation of letter size restriction for trademarks – 17 September 2015

Extension of implementation period for certain dairy products – 6 October 2015

Use of different colour in the class designation and adjustment of protein – 26 November 2015

Milkshake, Naming of fruits, Multipacks and Coconut Cream – 3 February 2016

Country of origin indication – 19 February 2016

Smoked cheese and lactose-free dairy products – 22 March 2016

Use of “fresh” on dairy products – 14 July 2016

Circular 1 of 2015 - Guidelines on pictorial depictions allowed on packaging of animal and processed products - Revised 23 Nov '16

Clarification of certain clauses in Regulation 260 to assist stakeholders with the interpretation

Butter, Modified Butter and Certain Cheeses – 23 January 2017 

Industry Dispensation_ A) Marking requirements on cheese wedges, B) Provision for Kefir Classes, C) Relaxation of existing regulation 31 Oct 2017

Circular 1 of 2016 - Interpretation of the Dairy and Imitation Dairy Regulations - Revised 9 Nov 2017

Extension of Medium Fat Butter Classes in Table 13 of R260

Regulations regarding the classification, packing and marking of edible ices intended for sale in the Republic of South Africa

  Published   Industry Dispensations 

R.78 of 8 February 2013

Industry dispensation - 26 June 2013

Edible ices regulation – 21 January 2016

Amendment to industry dispensation _ Edible Ices - 15 Sept 2015                                                  

Restrictions on the use of certain GI Cheese Names in terms of the EU, SADC and EPA
  Published   Industry Dispensations 

Restrictions on the use of certain Cheese names - EU SADC EPA - 15 Nov '16

Compositional Standards for Imported Cheeses Protected in terms of the EU SADC Economic Partnership Agreement - 21 June 2017

GIs under the Merchandise Marks Act - 21 October '16


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