Promoting the improvement of dairy quality and safety

in the interest of the dairy industry and the consumer

statutory projects

7. Liaison on Legislation

Liaison on legislation with authorities and other organisations.

The project purpose relates to dairy technical issues and encompasses:

  • Liaison with statutory organisations in terms of the draft, promulgated and repealed legislation and to ensure effective communication.
  • Liaison and consultation on an internal and external basis and comment within specified timeframe directly to the legislator or via MILK SA.
  • Serve on workgroups and working committees.
  • Report to industry via MILK SA structures.

Communication regarding dairy safety, quality and metrology standards is essential, as the DSA is required to be fully conversant with proposed changes to legislation and voluntary standards on a continual basis. To this effect, the DSA participates following requests from authorities and SABS to comment on matters relating to standards. To ensure good communication of information, the DSA participates in the activities of the Standards and Regulations Project of Milk SA. Attending workshops, comment on draft legislation and draft compulsory standards in conjunction with Milk SA is considered essential to the project. The nature of the activities is determined by the requests received, which may require from the DSA to engage at a higher level of liaison and consultation.

Planned activities and outputs

Project Goal Objective Performance Goal 
Liaise, consult and comment within specified time frames to the legislator or via the Standards and Regulations Project of Milk SA, where appropriate  As per scheduled time frames or on ad hoc basis. 




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