Promoting the improvement of dairy quality and safety

in the interest of the dairy industry and the consumer

Organisational Structure

The Dairy Standard Agency, in terms of its Memorandum of Incorporation (Companies Act of 2008) currently has eight (8) members and five (5) directors. The DSA as a small organisation consists of eight (8) personnel and four (4) external contractors involved in executing project orientated functions. Due to the size of the company, blended roles and dual responsibilities are common. Through job architecture, key features of each role and the establishment of core responsibilities are of most value, are clearly defined and applied within the company. The outsourcing of non-core functions such as financial services is done by means of the contractual agreement. The DSA Audit and Risk Committee has been established to assist with adherence to generally accepted corporate governance.


The Dairy Standard Agency Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee of the DSA consists of a group of experts in respect of dairy technical matters who serves on a voluntary basis.

Milk and other dairy products and the dairy industry are subject to specific legal food safety, product compositional and metrology standards as well as voluntary standards (such as SABS specifications). The Technical Advisory Committee with its panel of expertise, provide valuable scientific knowledge to the DSA regarding microbiological and chemical composition, processes and practises, national and international product specifications and related matters that assist the DSA in the execution of its mandate.  The technical advisory committee meets on an ad hoc basis or by means of electronic conferencing as and when required.













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