Promoting the improvement of dairy quality and safety

in the interest of the dairy industry and the consumer

non statutory projects2

15. Dairy Quality Club Overview

To create a platform for interaction between the DSA and input suppliers who actively supports the objectives of the DSA.

To participate in industry-specific events by exhibiting and promoting DSA projects and guideline documents in conjunction with Dairy Quality Club members.

To develop, print and distribute DSA information brochures in conjunction with the Dairy Quality Club members.

The DSA stands in partnership with several input suppliers through the DSA Dairy Quality Club (DQC). The DQC is a forum of input suppliers who actively support the objectives of the DSA as an independent objective institution. Through income generated from DQC members, the DSA exhibits at dairy-related events during which stalls are shared with DQC members. This forms part of the DSA’s proactive strategy during which guideline documentation and the services of the DSA is promoted.

The DQC established an effective electronic web page which forms part of the DSA website, where input suppliers to the dairy industry have the opportunity to advertise products and services on a user-pay concept, subject to terms and conditions.

Planned activities and outputs


Projected Date of Completion

Exhibiting at selected dairy industry events

Scheduled events e.g. SASDT symposium, Large Herds Conference, South African Institute for Environmental Health and SAAFOST

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