Promoting the improvement of dairy quality and safety

in the interest of the dairy industry and the consumer

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14. Food Safety Consultation

To assist roleplayers in the dairy industry acquiring information regarding prerequisites to effectively operate business concerns within food (dairy) safety-related legal requirements.

Consultation relates to the:

  • Primary industry – milk producers 
  • Processors – secondary dairy industry
  • Input suppliers such as packaging companies

The essence of this project is the promotion of the use of the existing DSA guideline documentation. The DSA receives regular requests from roleplayers within the dairy industry for consultation services regarding food safety. In response, the DSA consults from its different guideline publications regarding regulatory issues and dairy technical knowledge. The DSA guideline documentation namely the DSA Code of Practice, Laboratory Implementation Guidelines, Trouble Shooting Guidelines and Retail bulk milk guidelines are effectively used during consultation sessions.Planned activities and outputs.

 Project Objective

Performance Goal

Provide advice and consultation services

Provide a professional advisory and consultation service to the industry on request


Projected Date of Completion 

Complete consultation or advice service within
two (2) weeks after receiving of request

As per demand 

To find out how to arrange consulting services 

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