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Introductory to Pasteurisation

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Pasteurisation of milk ensures safety for human consumption by reducing the number of viable pathogenic bacteria. Although the public health benefits of pasteurisation are well established, pro-raw milk advocate organisations continue to promote raw milk as "nature's perfect food. To pasteurise or not…will remain a hot topic!

If the choice is however made to take the danger out of milk by means of pasteurisation, what is important to know about this heat treatment?

In this webinar the following will be shared:

  • With Maretha we will be looking at the effect of pasteurisation on the nutritional value of milk and dairy. Her presentation will focus on the nutritional value of milk and how it may be affected by pasteurisation, or not.
  • Tania will shed some light on what is required by law, Regulation 1555: Regulations, Relating to Milk and Dairy Products. Her presentation will focus on important minimum requirements on parameters like time and temperature and requirements indicated in regulations pertaining to equipment used for pasteurisation.
  • Scott will help us to determine the efficiency of pasteurisation by explaining the basic principles of the phosphatase test and how to interpret the results.


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