Promoting the improvement of dairy quality and safety

in the interest of the dairy industry and the consumer

statutory projects

Milk SA

The project relates to dairy technical issues, regulations and standards and encompasses industry
involvement regarding:

  • Deliberation of industry regulations relating food safety, product composition, metrological and related standards as well as voluntary industry related standards e.g. animal welfare and related matters.
  • Liaison with industry and statutory bodies in terms of draft, promulgated and repealed legislation and effective communication through the Milk SA organisational structures.
  • Liaison and consultation on an internal and external basis and comment within specified timeframes via Milk SA organisational structures.
  • Report to industry via Milk SA structures.

The organised dairy industry acknowledges the importance of compliance with the law and related standards (national and international) as it pertains to the dairy value chain. The regulatory environment relating to milk and other dairy products is of multi-dimensional nature and involves regulations relating to product composition, food safety, animal health, animal feed, milking parlors, and the transportation of milk, processing plants, storage and related matters such as environmental management and export requirements. Publication of voluntary standards known as South African National Standards compiled by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) are subject to public participation and are also considered as an integral part of the function of this Committee.

Effective communication of regulations and standards and aspects relating to the enforcement thereof is essential, as the dairy industry is required to be fully conversant of current and proposed changes to legislation and voluntary standards on a continual basis. To assist in this regard, the activities of the project are executed according to the Project Plan which is subject to review on an annual basis.

It is important to note that this project is not a duplication of the DSA Project goal 7, Title: Liaison on legislation with authorities and other organisations, as the fundamental difference of Goal 7 relates to the relationship and involvement of DSA as self regulatory initiative with government structures and execution of the law. The Regulations and standards Project of Milk SA relates to participation in the formalisation of draft regulations and standards and comments on regulatory matters, as well as communication through Milk SA in the interest of the dairy industry and other stakeholders.

Project Plan and Activities


Planned Action 

Planned output 

Person responsible 


Minimum of two formal meetings per year 

Scheduled meetings as per Milk SA calendar 

J Burger 

Interaction with government and other stakeholders



Reporting to Milk SA

Quarterly reports to Milk SA and during general meetings of SAMPRO and MPO

Communication of information relating to regulations and standards on an ongoing basis

J Burger

Milk SA Consumer Education Project

Regular interaction and scheduled meetings with the project manager

Regular interaction and scheduled meetings with the project manager with industry stake holders in a harmonized manner

J Burger and
C Leighton (CEP)

Milk SA Customs and Market Access Advisory Committee

Regular interaction and scheduled meetings with the project manager

Regular interaction and scheduled meetings with the project manager

J Burger and
De Wet Jonker (SAMPRO)


Interaction with DAFF

Liaison with DAFF and industry members regarding: 

  • Progress regarding the APS amendment bill
  • Matters relating to the implementation of R260/2015 as well as dispensations
  • PPECB related matters pertaining to amendment of the current (outdated) SOP for inspection of dairy products intended for export in terms of the APS Act into an updated export friendly SOP

J Burger

Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DAFF) Directorate Animal Health

Interaction with DAFF

Liaison with DAFF and industry members regarding the amendment and update of the current DAFF Veterinary Procedural Notice 20

Facilitating processes to ensure consistent implementation of revised/amended VPN

J Burger

Department of Health (DOH)

Interaction with DOH

Liaison with DOH and industry members regarding amendment or regulations i.t.o the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act. Facilitating of processses to ensure correct procedures regarding certification of milking sheds criteria

J Burger

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI):NRCS

Interaction with the NRCS

Liaison with NRCS regarding compulsory specifications and review of metrology standards (weights and measures) in terms of the relevant South African National Standards

J Burger


Interaction with the SABS

Liaison with SABS regarding voluntary national and international standards (ISO) relating to food hygiene and food safety, analytical methods, animal welfare and metrology

J Burger

Consumer Goods Council of SA (CGCSA) and other consumer bodies

Interaction with CGCSA and other consumer bodies

Communication of industry related standards and requirements to CGCSA and retailers on an ad hoc basis regarding matters of collective nature

J Burger



Communication to industry regarding latest relevant IDF bulletins


Codex Alimentarius


Requesting comments and notification of industry members of latest Codex standards relating to the dairy industry

J Burger



Industry Partners

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