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Packaging and Labelling in the Dairy Industry

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It’s a wrap! We’ve come to the end of the series of insightful monthly webinars for 2021. To round off the topics on the ins and outs of the local dairy industry, dairy packaging & labeling will be explored in this final webinar.

'Innovation’ is about using creativity to solve today’s pertinent challenges of climate change and plastic pollution.

Michelle Penlington from Polyoak Packaging will share her expertise on how our packaging innovation process needs to change and where the high potential areas are, in order to unlock more sustainable dairy delivery systems.

Food labeling is a complex field, and its ramifications go beyond merely making information available to consumers by examining food products on store shelves.

In the second part of the webinar, Jodie Treu from the Dairy Standard Agency will introduce the improved DSA labeling guideline that provides a user-friendly and integrated platform for the interpretation of the labeling requirements regarding food safety, product composition and metrology applicable to dairy products.

Download Michelle DSA Sustainability Presentation

Download Jodie Treu -DSA Labelling Webinar

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