Promoting the improvement of dairy quality and safety

in the interest of the dairy industry and the consumer

The Dairy Industry Under The Looking Glass

The Dairy Industry Under The Looking Glass0521

The importance of control over milk as a perishable food needs no emphasis. Most people are aware of the enormous wastage that can occur because of the high perishability of fresh dairy products unless effectively and hygienically produced, processed and handled. This webinar was an in-depth presentation that will help you to remain compliant.

The organised dairy industry acknowledges the importance of product compliance with product composition, food safety and metrology standards as a prerequisite for the growth of the dairy industry as well as in the interest of the dairy consumer. This is due to the fact that substandard products reaching retail can cause extensive and prolonged harm to both the industry and the consumer.

The promotion of compliance with standards relating to milk and other dairy products remains a demanding and multi-dimensional task.

The purpose of this presentation was to bring more clarity to the integral role of acts and regulations and standards in respect of compliance.


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